November 17th - The Syrian Civil war in Bible prophecy

There are many amazing prophecies in the Bible that prove that it is true. Here’s one of them.

November 24th - Why do we find discipleship so hard?

Jesus didn’t have it very easy and neither do his disciples. But it it’s worth hardship to have God’s promise of eternal life.

December 1st - Is there life after death?

The Bible says yes - and it’s on offer to anyone who has faith in Jesus

December 8th - Has God forgotten Israel?

The Bible tells us all about God’s special relationship with Israel.

December 15th - Coming world events foretold in the prophecy of Ezekiel

The Bible is an amazing book because its author is God. God knows what will happen in the future and inspired people like Ezekiel to write it down.

December 22nd - Jesus of Nazareth: the son of God

Jesus born in Bethlehem but brought up in Nazareth - he is the Son God sent to save us.

December 29th - Bible prophecy is relevant today

The massage of the Bible is relevant today and the ancient prophecies made thousands of years ago are still being fulfilled - even now.