May 19th - Three good reasons for believing in God

There are several reasons for believing in God - hear the evidence for 3 good reasons for yourselves!

May 26th - The certainty of the judgement of God

God has set a day in which he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed and has proved it by raising him from the dead

June 2nd - (Starts at 2.00pm)

June 9th - (Starts at 10.00am) Sunday School play and prize giving

Our lively Sunday school will be performing their annual play. This year the play is ’The Prodigal Daughter’

June 16th - The Bible and antisemitism

The Bible tells us the origin of anti-semitism

June 23rd - The Holy Spirit Today

What is the Holy spirit? Is it the same today as it has always been?

June 30th - Understanding the Bible

Find out how to read and understand the Bible

July 7th - Living a full life

The Bible teaches us to do everything unto the Lord - to do everything with our might whilst there is time.

July 14th -

July 21st - Nicodemus-a changed man

The Bible records several people who changed because of their interaction with the Lord Jesus. Find out about one of them.

July 28th -

August 4th - Thank you God

We have an awful lot to be thankful for - God has provided everything that we need.

August 11th - Living to die or dying to live?

The Bible is very honest about human nature and the fact that we all are going to die. Jesus said those that follow him will and lose their lives now will gain everlasting life!