July 7th - Living a full life

The Bible teaches us to do everything unto the Lord - to do everything with our might whilst there is time

July 14th - Jesus believed the Old Testament

The gospels show that Jesus believed the Old Testament - it was relevant then and it’s relevant now!

July 21st - Nicodemus - a changed man

The Bible records several people who changed because of their interaction with the Lord Jesus. Find out about one of them.

July 28th - Abraham, Jesus and you

The Bible speaks of Abraham the father of the faithful. Jesus was descended from him and we too can be his heirs

August 4th - Thank you God

We have an awful lot to be thankful for - God has provided everything that we need.

August 11th - Taste and see

Have you ever stopped to think about your senses? The Bible asks us to taste and See the goodness of God

August 18th - Living to die or dying to live?

The Bible is very honest about human nature and the fact that we all are going to die. Jesus said those that follow him will and lose their lives now will gain everlasting life!

August 25th - Is Christianity compatible with western values?

How should we take modern western values into account if we want to live a life as a Christian? Are the two compatible?

September 1st - Eternal Life - fact not fantasy

Hear for yourself regarding the facts about eternal life as revealed in the Bible

September 8th - Moral decay: the nations preparing themselves for judgement

This title speaks for itself!

September 17th - The Tower of Babel-just a tall story?

Find out about this fascinating account of where languages came from