September 8th - Moral decay: the nations preparing themselves for judgement

This title speaks for itself!

September 15th - The Tower of Babel-just a tall story?

Find out about this amazing account of where languages came from

September 22nd - How we got the Bible

The account of how the inspired word of God that we know as the Bible came to us is absolutely fascinating

September 29th - The faith that brings peace

Faith in the God of the Bible and His son Jesus Christ is a lovely thing

October 6th - Why should I belong to a church?

Find out for yourself what the benefits are

October 13th - Bible Mythbusters

There are lots of fallacies circulated about the Bible - many of these will be busted by this talk

October 20th - What has Christianity ever done for me?

Quite a lot actually - based on historical evidence - but it can also do a whole lot more . . .

October 27th - What is life all about?

Stuck in a rut and want to get out? Find out what really matters and focus on that