‘Christadelphian’ simply means ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’. Our relationship with God is personal and we recognise the joy and importance of fellowship. We have a strong sense of community and are friendly and enthusiastic.

Because of our association with Jesus Christ, the members of Glenhills Christadelphians, along with other Christadelphians worldwide, see ourselves as a family, based on spiritual values. Christadelphians have met together in Leicester on the same basis of belief for over 150 years.

Our aim is to live our lives centred on our faith in Jesus Christ. We base this on the teaching of Jesus and his followers from the first century. We find our instruction in the Bible which we believe proves itself to be both entirely reliable and fully inspired by God. If you want to understand more about the Bible, this site has more information

Christadelphians believe that those who follow Jesus now can place their hope in his return to the earth with absolute confidence. This is the time when Jesus Christ will bring eternal life to his people and establish the long promised Kingdom of God.. We recognise our need to look for strength and forgiveness from God, as we wait for God to fulfil his promises.